Apollonia…a crusader fortress by the sea…

Apollonia National Historic Site…

Apollonia, was an ancient city and fortress located in  Israel, about 9 miles north of  Tel Aviv, and within the city limits of Herzlia where we now live. It is situated on a cliff above the Mediterranean Sea.  The city site, Tel Arsuf, was intensively excavated from 1994. In 2002 it became Apollonia National Park.

Eileen and I visited the site last week.

So far, here is what is known: the first settlement on the site dates to the 6th-5th Century BCE

Romans, Greeks, Muslims and Crusaders conquered and settled into the city over several centuries.

The crusaders used ‘ballistas’, that are catapaulted over the wall to fight any enemy that attacked the fortress.

Tha park like much of Israel is quite barren. This line of trees stood out.


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