“you can’t go home again” …not true!

855 East 19 Street, Brooklyn, NY

Was it Thomas Wolfe who  said in Look Homeward Angel “you can’t go home again”? My friend Eileen and I found that you can return and enjoy the memories of youth.

My friend Eileen Ori...

Eileen is visiting  from Israel (she was born and lived in Brooklyn until the early 70’s)  and is staying with me until she heads  to Seattle to be with her two children and 6 grandchildren. In 1971, my wife Donna and I spent a summer with her in Herzlia, Israel.

Last Tuesday was a rainy stormy day. We decided to head into Brooklyn to go to the Brooklyn Museum. Of course it was closed…not sure why museums close on a Tuesday…so we headed to Park Slope for some hummus, baba ganoush, and other middle eastern delights. I think I’ve had hummus every day now since she’s been here…ok, maybe not every day…It’s good thing I love it!

Since the weather was still not cooperating  we decided to go back to the old neighborhoods where we grew up. I grew up in the Midwood section of Brooklyn about two blocks from Brooklyn College. My building, 855 East 19th Street, is still standing (see picture above) and looks as I remember it did 50 years ago.  The street’s the same, the houses look the same…looks like they were never touched. East 19th was a great block to grow up on. There were lots of kids (about 10 lived in my building alone) so we were outside playing all the time…We used to play punchball and stick ball on the street. The manhole cover was home plate…hitting a ball over the ‘cut’…the railroad tracks that cut the street in half was a home run. Great memories for me.

2171 Bragg St, Brooklyn, NY

Eileen grew up in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn. She also lived in an apartment building with lots of other kids. In fact, she’s having a reunion today with 5 of those ‘kids’   in a restaurant in Sheepshead Bay. Eileen has often gone back to Bragg Street. Her friend Sheila still lives in the same apartment that she grew up in.

Not sure if there’s really a point to this post, but it was fun returning home again.

a wonderful couple

Britt and John

As their “Jewish Uncle” I had the pleasure of attending the wedding and reception for Brittany Barclay and John Rolph. I have known this couple for a short time but I know how much they love each other. This will be a marriage that will be filled with happiness and will last forever.

My congratulations to  Cathy and John Barclay and to Jeanette and Dan Rolph.

saturday in the garden with tiffany…

I spent a great day in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with my friend Tiffany and her mom and aunt who came up from Maryland to visit. Her mom loves gardens so what better place to take her than BBG!

Over 45,ooo bluebells were in bloom. It was an awesome sight.

Had a chance to play with the 100mm macro. No tripod, wind blowing, kind of hard to do.

seRendipity in b&w…

Dan Sniffin, a photographer friend of mine, taught me to look for the ‘Serendipitous Moment’ when taking a photograph. I didn’t fully understand what he meant until we went out to shoot on Monhegan Island in Maine. We’d walk around the island, and Dan would point out his ‘Serendipitous Moment’. We’d look at a field of red flowers and he’d point out the single white flower in the field. That’s his ‘Serendipitous Moment’.  Shooting the field of red would make  a nice image, but shooting and highlighting the white flower, that would make for a wonderful image.

For this post, I asked Dan to put into words what a ‘Serendipitous Moment’ meant to him. He said, ” To me, serendipitous means something that adds to the image in a small, yet important, way. Most of the time it is accidental and will surprise you.  At other times you’ll see it right away.  In any event, without it, the image is not as strong.  Adding that “extra something” to it makes the image stronger.”

John Barclay introduced me to the power of making black & white images. His images, featured in Black and White Magazine, are inspiring.  When shooting film I had often shot and developed black & white images. Now when I turned to digital photographs I found myself concentrating in shooting in color, that was until John showed me his work.

For my show “seRendipity in b&w” at the Rockville Centre Public Library, I decided to take what both John and Dan taught me and combine into what I think are some very interesting images. The show will run through the month of May and I  hope that if you are in the area you’ll drop in and check it out.

“seRendipity in b&w” May 6-31, Rockville Centre Public Library, 221 N. Village Ave, Rockville Centre, New York 11570, 516-766-6257