We’re Back In Israel…


Well actually we’ve been here for almost four weeks. Obviously, it’s been kind of difficult for us to adjust to life here. I mean, at our ‘advanced’ ages, it’s difficult trying to figure out which beach we should go to or which cafe to choose for lunch.

Seriously, many have asked what everyday life is like here in Israel. I’ll try to answer in this and the following blogs.

herzliya map

Eileen and I live in the city of Herzliya. On the map above, our house is located near where it says Herzliya. We live a short walk from the city center and 6km from the beach and marina. Tel Aviv is a short drive from home and we go there often.

Herzliyya City 3

 This is our house on Kehilat Zion. As you can see, time and the harsh climate have taken its toll on the building. It is scheduled to undergo a complete renovation, with the outside being replaced, the addition of two more floors, each apartment will get an additional room (bomb shelter), and an elevator will be installed. Should be fun!

Herzliyya City 13

 My late wife Donna and I first came to Israel in 1971. We stayed with Eileen and her husband Ami in the building in the image above. Back then,  Eileen, Donna  and I  were friends from Brooklyn. After moving to Israel, she invited us to stay and visit and of course we jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know that I would return to Israel, live here for half of the year, and make aliyah.

Herzliyya City 6

It’s currently Chanukah and Eileen is checking out menorahs on Sokolov Street near where we live. In the next blog I’ll show you a little bit more of our life in Israel.

Chanukah Sameach-Happy Chanukah!