Beach Day in Natanya…

Natanya Bch 1

Last Saturday the temperature hit 97f and of course we went to the beach. This time we headed for Natanya Beach which is about 16 miles form Herzliya.

Natanya Bch 3

The beach is located below the the cliffs of the city of Natanya offering breathtaking views.

Natanya Bch 6

After visiting the beach we walked into the city. Natanya’s building are great canvases for wonderful ‘street art‘ as seen here.

Natanya Bch 5

Natanya Bch 4c

Hope you enjoyed this visit to Natanya.

Purim in Herzliya…

Parade 16

Today we celebrate Purim in Herzliya. The children’s parade started early this morning and drew a large crowd as it always does.

Folks of all ages dressed up for the occasion…

Of course some didn’t seem to be enjoying the festivities…

Parade 1

Parade 10Parade 9

The folks at Chabad took advantage of the opportunity to have men put on tefillin…

Parade 8

Eileen (and I) had a fun time. We wish you Chag Sameach – Happy Purim!

Parade 4

Oh! And by the way that’s not me!


Shuk Machane Yehuda:- Jerusalem’s Great Street Art Gallery 2…

Shuk eyes 7

I continue my visit to the street gallery in the Shuk Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem. Another look at the shuk on a Shabbat afternoon shows that there is plenty of room for the gallery to grow.

Shuk eyes 9

The theme for today’s look at the gallery is The Eyes Have It!’  Wherever you walk in the gallery they seem to be following you…

Shuk eyes 5

I hope you enjoyed this visit to the ‘street gallery’ at the Shuk Machane Yehuda…

‘Here’s Lookin’ at Ya!’

Shuk Machane Yehuda:- Jerusalem’s Great Street Art Gallery 1…

Shuk Profiles 7

I recently visited Shuk Machane Yehuda in Jerusalemwhich is the largest shuk (market) in Israel. I went on the Sabbath because the shuk is deserted, all shops and stands closed and secured, and the security gates are lowered, to reveal wonderful ‘street art’ in a relatively empty and quiet universe.

Shuk 1

Shuk Machane Yehuda on a quiet Sabbath afternoon…

I first learned about this gallery in progress, from a video that was shared with me (see link at end of blog). Those who know me, know, that  at my first opportunity I was going to make a visit. Last Saturday, Eileen went hiking in southern Israel for the day and I took advantage by doing some urban hiking on my own.

The artwork is nothing less than wonderful. Likenesses of famous Israelis, as well as the ‘common folk’,  cover the shuttered shops. In this blog I’ll share the first images using ‘Profiles’ as my theme. Hey, I gotta come up with something!

Shuk Profiles 6

Shuk Profiles 4

Shuk Profiles 3

Shuk Profiles 2

Shuk Profiles 1

Shuk Profiles 5

Here is the link to the video:-

I hope you enjoyed this look into the street gallery in Shuk Machane Yehuda…

Yad La’Shiryon:-The Armored Corps Museum… A Photo Essay

Yad La-Shiryon is Israel’s official memorial site for fallen soldiers from the armored corps. The outdoor display includes 110 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, both Israeli and captured enemy tanks.

Armored Museum 13 - CopyYad La-Shiron is noted for a large tank mounted high on top of a former British water tower…Armored Museum 16 - Copy

There is a collection of mobile bridges constructed by the IDF. Tanks can carry and erect  these bridges during battle…

Armored Museum 12 - Copy

Armored Museum 11 - Copy

There are captured enemy vehicles, most of which Israel has modified and updated, including a tank with a blown up gun…

Armored Museum 10 - Copy

Armored Museum 9 - Copy

Captured Egyptian Tank…

and a long, engraved commemorative wall bearing the names of Armored Corps soldiers killed in defense of the country.

Ilan 2

In my next blog, I’ll continue our stop at The Armored Corps Museum, in a very much more personal visit, as we look for Ilan Ori, Eileen’s brother-in-law.

Armored Museum 7 - Copy


The Roman Aqueduct-Caesarea:- A Photo Exploration…

Aqueduct 13

The Roman Aqueduct in Caesarea

The Roman Aqueduct and it’s beach area is a great place to stroll, relax and watch beautiful sunsets. The Aqueduct brought running water to the old city of Caesarea, along the High level aqueduct that is pictured in this blog.

Aqueduct 6

The high level aqueduct survives

The old city and port of Caesarea required a steady flow of running water.  At first the water was pumped from underground wells, but, as the  population grew to several hundred thousand people, a large scale aqueduct was required to bring the water from a distance.

Aqueduct 8

A section of the High level aqueduct…

The source of the water along the aqueducts were the springs of Shummi, located 6 miles away. King Herod built the first aqueduct in the 1st C BC.  Later, 2 more aqueducts were built.

Let me share with you, through my images, what a beautiful day I had.

Aqueduct 11Aqueduct 12Aqueduct 10Aqueduct 9Aqueduct 8Aqueduct 15Aqueduct 2Aqueduct 4Aqueduct 14Aqueduct 3

Hope that you enjoyed this blog. Please share with friends, family and anyone interested in learning about and/or visiting Israel.

Weekend at the Beach…

TLV Beach 6

The weather this past weekend was nothing short of spectacular. The skies were clear and the temperature co-operated (70F). On Saturday, we headed to the beaches in Tel Aviv, stopping when we could find parking. We weren’t the only ones out enjoying the day, including…

TLV Beach 3

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna…

…and some of the folks were enjoying a brew at a nearby BierGarden…

TLV Beach 7

Kind of ironic, a German BierGarden and Hare Krishna in Tel Aviv. We left the beach with  the sun setting and the temperature dropping.

TLV Beach 1abcde

TLV Beach 2

The next day I headed to the marina in Hertzliya Petuach, hoping for another special sunset and I was not let down…

HerzMarina 3HerzMarina 2

I met another photographer who was shooting from the rocks alongside the marina. Her name is Romina and she teaches photography. She was born and lived in Venezuela before moving to the South Bronx. She travels to Israel for several weeks each year to be with friends. Romina was shooting with a Linhof camera circa. 1960’s which she recently purchased.

HerzMarina 1

Hope you enjoyed the blog! See you soon.

Rainbows & Storms:-Chasing The Storm…

R&S  11

The rainbows were disappearing and the sun was beginning to set, so I took a few shots near the Sidna Ali Mosque before we left…

R&S 5

Sidna Ali Mosque…

R&S 9

Heading down to the beach…Why?

R&S 4

Young men and women slogging along as they train for the IDF which they’ll join when they are 18…

We then headed to the Herzliya Marina to see how the storm looked from there…

R&S  16

The marina with the sun highlighting the Ritz-Carlton…

R&S  15 - Copy

The Boats Beach outside the marina…

With about an hour left of daylight we decided to continue to chase the storm. In the image above you can see the limestone cliffs heading in the direction of Tel Aviv. That’s where we headed…

R&S 7

On the cliffs with Herzliya Petuach in the background…Have smartphone will travel!

As you can see above, we weren’t the only ones with that idea! The cliff road is barely driveable on a nice day.

R&S  13

R&S  14

Eileen had her work cut out for her, but I think she was enjoying the challenge…

R&S 6

R&S 8

We were able to pull over along the edge overlooking the Mediterranean, and thankfully the light co-operated…

R&S 1

R&S  12 - Copy

R&S 10

Sun setting over the Mediterranean…

I hope you enjoyed this stormy day tour. See you soon!

‘Here It Is!’-Rainbows & Storms:-Chasing Rainbows…

R&S 3g

The surfboard says it all; “Here It Is!”…

Eileen and I were sitting at home on New Years Day as the weather outside was cold and stormy. Surprisingly, the sun came out and Eileen said this could be perfect weather conditions for rainbows, so camera in hand off we went.

I suggested we head towards the water and head for the Sidna Ali Mosque. The mosque is located on the cliffs overlooking the Apollonia-Nof Yam beach. The photo above was taken outside the mosque.

R&S 3

Double rainbow in Herzliya Petuach…

To get to the mosque we have to drive through the residential streets of Herzliya Petuach. I suggested to Eileen to make a right turn on the next street we came to, and this is what we saw! Not too shabby, huh?

R&S 3a

We continued on to the mosque as the rainbows started to disappear. Unfortunately, I could not align the mosque and the rainbow for a photo, but, even better, I was able to get this shot of Eileen.

R&S 3e

Eileen in the parking lot at the Sidna Ali Mosque…

With the rainbows disappearing, we decided to head to Herzliya Marina. As we left the mosque’s parking lot, heading to the marina, the sky changed, and ‘lo and behold’ the rainbows reappeared.

R&S 3f

R&S 3c

I was thrilled to be able to view and shoot the rainbows. As a ‘city boy’ I didn’t get to see them often. We continued on our ‘rainbow/storm chasing’ and will share with you in my next blog…