Yad La’Shiryon:-The Armored Corps Museum… A Photo Essay

Yad La-Shiryon is Israel’s official memorial site for fallen soldiers from the armored corps. The outdoor display includes 110 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, both Israeli and captured enemy tanks.

Armored Museum 13 - CopyYad La-Shiron is noted for a large tank mounted high on top of a former British water tower…Armored Museum 16 - Copy

There is a collection of mobile bridges constructed by the IDF. Tanks can carry and erect  these bridges during battle…

Armored Museum 12 - Copy

Armored Museum 11 - Copy

There are captured enemy vehicles, most of which Israel has modified and updated, including a tank with a blown up gun…

Armored Museum 10 - Copy

Armored Museum 9 - Copy

Captured Egyptian Tank…

and a long, engraved commemorative wall bearing the names of Armored Corps soldiers killed in defense of the country.

Ilan 2

In my next blog, I’ll continue our stop at The Armored Corps Museum, in a very much more personal visit, as we look for Ilan Ori, Eileen’s brother-in-law.

Armored Museum 7 - Copy