Israel 2015:- The Shuk in Netanya…

Natanya Bch-shuk_9

Eileen and I visit the city of Netanya regularly. We like to walk on the beach of the Mediterranean or on the promenades and walking paths that traverse the top of the cliffs over looking the sea.

Natanya Bch-3 eileen

Natanya Bch-3 eileen 1

A friend of ours recommended a Tripoliton¬† restaurant in the city and said it was located outside the shuk (market). Eileen did not know about the shuk and I certainly didn’t, so we returned to Netanya earlier this week to try the food and stroll the market.

The Netanya Market opened in 1957 by Jewish immigrants from North Africa and today it offers fruits, vegetables and meat, all kinds of customers and especially a pleasant and free atmosphere. Beyond these, the Netanya Market includes quite a few stands and stores that offer spices, as well as lovely delis that specialize in everything which the Netanya Market costumers could want: North African, Russian or French delicatessen. Along with the North African population (many from Tripoli), there is a large Russian and Jewish population.

Below are some random images of some the scenes in the market and on the surrounding streets.

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