The Roman Aqueduct-Caesarea:- A Photo Exploration…

Aqueduct 13

The Roman Aqueduct in Caesarea

The Roman Aqueduct and it’s beach area is a great place to stroll, relax and watch beautiful sunsets. The Aqueduct brought running water to the old city of Caesarea, along the High level aqueduct that is pictured in this blog.

Aqueduct 6

The high level aqueduct survives

The old city and port of Caesarea required a steady flow of running water.  At first the water was pumped from underground wells, but, as the  population grew to several hundred thousand people, a large scale aqueduct was required to bring the water from a distance.

Aqueduct 8

A section of the High level aqueduct…

The source of the water along the aqueducts were the springs of Shummi, located 6 miles away. King Herod built the first aqueduct in the 1st C BC.  Later, 2 more aqueducts were built.

Let me share with you, through my images, what a beautiful day I had.

Aqueduct 11Aqueduct 12Aqueduct 10Aqueduct 9Aqueduct 8Aqueduct 15Aqueduct 2Aqueduct 4Aqueduct 14Aqueduct 3

Hope that you enjoyed this blog. Please share with friends, family and anyone interested in learning about and/or visiting Israel.

15 thoughts on “The Roman Aqueduct-Caesarea:- A Photo Exploration…

  1. Beautiful images, e! Roman-built aqueducts seem to pop up everywhere the Romans settled. Built to last!
    You guys missed a great snow storm here!!! It was a fun time – really. I love snow!

  2. Beautiful images–we didn’t have time to view the aqueduct on our tour. I especially like the ones where you can see the sea through the arches, and also the sand billowing up against them. I feel I’m continuing my recent trip through your images!

  3. I love your pics & posts, mr.e!!! Sunsets & the sea are home *~ I’d love some feedback on my fb posts sometime… ❤

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