Old Jaffa: The Flea Market…

The beach promenade in Tel Aviv with Yaffo in the background...

The beach promenade in Tel Aviv with Jaffa in the background…

Eileen and I, along with our friends Sybille and Yossi, went to check out what was happening in the old city of Jaffa (Yafo). Jaffa is the ancient port city out of which Tel Aviv has now grown. Jaffa is reported to be the oldest port in the world and it is believed that Jonah set sail from here in his search for the whale.

Much of Jaffa went into disrepair while Tel Aviv flourished and became a major modern city. Fairly recently, people rediscovered the quaintness of Jaffa and major renovations were undertaken. I tell Eileen that the Israeli hipsters are moving in.

One area that remains basically the same is the Flea Market (shuk). The market is usually busy, but on this Friday it seemed more festive.

Yaffo 7a

Street performers in the market area…

There were several street performances going on, and the most colorful was opera performed by several very talented women.

Yaffo 13

Yaffo 13a

The small alleyways and streets which make up this city are lined with artists galleries and studios, as well as boutique and craft shops.

People who know me, know that if I’m in an old city I’m going to search  for ‘street art’ wherever I can find it. The flea market provided a great canvas.

Yaffo 9b

Yaffo 9c

Yaffo 9a

Yaffo 9

I hope that you enjoyed this brief tour of the Flea Market in Jaffa. I look forward to sharing my blogs from Israel in 2016!


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