Tel Be’er Sheva: A UNESCO World Heritage Site…

mitzepe ramon 5

Tel Be’er Sheva…

On our way for a three day getaway to Mitspe Ramon we stopped and visited Tel Be’er Sheva. The site is the remains of the biblical town of Beer Sheva dating back to 4000 BCE.


It is located in the northern Negev (orange area) and is near the modern city Beersheba.

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The view from Tel Be’er Sheva overlooking an Arab village…

A “Tel” is actually an archaeological feature which is very common in Israel, a place that has been inhabited by people for thousands and thousands of years. Basically a “Tel” is a mound underneath which lay the ruins of previous settlements that once stood on the same spot, each mounded on top of the other. When traveling in Israel, Tels are common (ie; Tel Aviv) and there is a good chance that three, four, or even five previous settlements lay hidden inside the mound!

mitzepe ramon 9

The remains of the Tel…

In the image above, it’s interesting to compare the ruins, about 3,000 years old, with the power line crossing the desert bringing electricity to southern Israel.


The four-horned altar…

During the dig at the Tel A large four-horned altar from the 9th century BCE was found, evidence of a heathen cult which occupied the town at that time. While the altar has been moved to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, a replica (above) can be seen at the site.

mitzepe ramon 3

A well, part of the water system…

We hope that you enjoyed our journey and I look forward to sharing more from the beautiful country of Israel…


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