We’re Back In Israel #2…

Herzliyya City 10

So let me show you around the neighborhood where we live. In the image above, Eileen is standing in front of a lottery stand located on Sokolov Street, the main shopping/business street in Herzlia.  In the slideshow below, I’ve posted a few images of what Herzlia’s business center looks like:-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of the things I like to do best is to go out to listen to live music. It’s often hard to find, since most bars/clubs don’t start performances until after 10pm.   Zzzzzz! Not for me. In my upcoming blog I’ll share some images from some performances I attended.

2 thoughts on “We’re Back In Israel #2…

  1. Really enjoy your blog. Brings back great memories of our trip to Israel. Saw related article Re:Hotel Cinema; we stayed in Hotel across the street from Hotel Cinema, both hotels were probably under same ownership, as we would have delicious breakfast every morning in the Hotel Cinema(included in our stay). Old projectors & other various movie house memorabilia adorned the lobby & walkway to the dining room. Our best vacation ever.

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