Israel 2015:- The Tel Aviv Port on Yom HaShoa…

The lone fisherman...

Eileen and I went to the Tel Aviv Port on Yom HaShoa, which is also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day, when much of Israel shuts down. I was pleasantly surprised at how empty The Port was, with only a few restaurants doing any business. As luck would have it our favorite cafe, Beach9, was open, so we sat and enjoyed the quiet and beautiful weather with beer and hummus.

TA Port_006a TA Port_006

On Yom HaShoa, schools are open and each holds special events to remember the Holocaust and recognize the few living survivors. Families were absent this day as we see at the Carousel…

TA Port_004

The carousel appears lonely with nobody around to ride on it.

Usually, there are many fishermen along the port. Today, this lone fisherman, seen above and below, was all we could find.

Maybe he'll get lucky here...

Maybe he’ll get lucky here…

The beach is empty and quiet. A good time for remembrance and prayer.

Contemplation on Yom HaShoa...

Contemplation on Yom HaShoa…

With the weather in Tel Aviv at this time of year in the 65-80F range, there are always flowers in bloom. Israeli’s pride themselves on the beautiful floral displays found all over the country. Tel Aviv Port is no exception…

TA Port_002

TA Port_008

This visit to Tel Aviv Port, was a very special day for us. We’re glad we could share it with you.


6 thoughts on “Israel 2015:- The Tel Aviv Port on Yom HaShoa…

  1. Have been following your posts. Pics are great. You look absolutely wonderful….happy, healthy and did I say happy?
    Phyllis and Bob

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