Israel 2015:- The Tel Aviv Museum of Art…

From the 'She & he' series...

From the ‘She & he’ series…

One of the places Eileen and I must visit each year is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art which is one of Israel’s leading artistic and cultural institutions. The museum was founded in 1932 by the first Mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengoff, in his private home on Rothschild Boulevard. Since then, it has changed locations and developed significantly. The museum’s collection, which originally comprised only a few dozen items, has grown steadily – in great part through generous donations by collectors and artists, and thanks to the dedication and support of the museum’s local and international committees and friends.

Tel Aviv as seen thru the shades on one of the museum's windows..

Tel Aviv as seen thru the shades on one of the museum’s windows..

The museum is currently situated in three main buildings: The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, built in the heart of the city in 1959, was the museum’s home for twelve years and today features mainly temporary exhibitions; the Main Building opened in 1971; and adjacent to it is the new Herta and Paul Amir Building which opened in the Fall of 2011,  This building, my personal favorite, was Designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen.This building is an international landmark at the center of Tel Aviv, Israel’s cultural capital.

Images from our visit follow in the slideshow below. I hope you enjoy.

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One of the personal projects I have been working on is the She & he… series’ that I have been posting on Facebook. Some of the images to be included were taken at the museum…

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Eileen and I would love to share this experience, and many others, on your next visit to Israel…C’mon down!


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