Israel 2015:- ‘Jewish Boys Gone Wild’…


Purim is the one Jewish holiday where folks are allowed to have a good time, dress up in costumes if you like, and go have a drink or ten. Boys in their teens take full advantage of this day. In Bene Baraq, they got ‘happy‘ rowdy and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I’m sure they might regret it the following morning.

Enjoy the images of ‘Jewish Boys Gone Wild!‘.

Purim-BeneBaraq_06Purim-BeneBaraq_03  Purim-BeneBaraq_11 Purim-BeneBaraq_13 Purim-BeneBaraq_17  Purim-BeneBaraq_26 Purim-BeneBaraq_27Purim-BeneBaraq_01


3 thoughts on “Israel 2015:- ‘Jewish Boys Gone Wild’…

  1. Still following & enjoying your posts. Here I’m wondering about all these small groups of guys with the same uniform. You wouldn’t see anything like that here, where everyone does his or her individual thing. Some of these uniforms seem quaint and old fashioned.

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