Street Art – Bushwick, Brooklyn Style #1

Bushwick Street Art_02Bushwick has become the new 5Pointz and the street art is playing a big part in the revitalization of this neighborhood. I used to work in Bushwick and never saw anything like this back then. I was very surprised at the transformation and hope you appreciate the artwork. Remember some of these are massive in size.

Hope you appreciate and enjoy!

(Reminder: Click on any image to begin a slide show)…


6 thoughts on “Street Art – Bushwick, Brooklyn Style #1

  1. Yeah, back then we called it “graffitti”. Now it’s “street art”. Great shots though.

    Just 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine and myself spent a couple of hours driving around looking for the “gentrified” area of Bushwick. We became desperate enough to ask people (both restaurant managers and people on the street) if they knew where the “re-developed area” was. No one did and we never found it. I suppose we were clueless. But then again, so were the residents. 🙂

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