Steamtown National Historic Site – ‘Inside the Cars’…

We recently visited the Steamtown National Historic Site located in Scranton, Pa.. It was a perfect day as there were no other people there and we had unobstructed access to all the trains located here.

When I secured our admission (I have a Senior Pass for the National Parks, costs $10, everyone in your party (car) gets in for free, and has no expiration – so it’s a no-brainer), I asked if the cars were open so that we could photograph the interiors. He said all were closed and we were prohibited to go in. Hmmm! Is that a challenge Ellery? Of course it was.

While many cars were bolted shut we were able to shoot through the windows. Others, like the boxcars and caboose, were sort of accessible although I did fall through the wooden steps of a caboose and also went to my knees as the floor of a boxcar failed to hold my weight. Ah what fun it was!

Today’s posting are of some of my interior shots. Hope you enjoy.

(Reminder: Click on image to begin slideshow)…

Passenger Cars…


 The Caboose…

The Boxcars…


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