5Pointz-For you the bells toll…

Well the inevitable has finally happened. 5Pointz was whitewashed on November 18th. Check out this article about it.  http://boromag.com/featured/5-pointz-is-gone/

Fortunately, as you know, we were able to get there before its’ demise. The wonderful artwork was  from graffiti artists from all around the world. So here are my last images from 5Pointz…

Reminder: Click on one image to begin slideshow!

5 thoughts on “5Pointz-For you the bells toll…

  1. Great images Ellery, the best yet. I was really sorry to see everything got whitewashed, a real shame that something couldn’t have been worked out, but lucky you to get one last look and come away with these great images. Nice work.

    • Thanks Bob. I will miss that place. When ever I needed a pick-me-up I would go there to see these great works of graffiti. My $$$ says that 5Pointz will come back somewhere else in the city. My bet, Brooklyn!

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