The Scranton Lace Co. – They say there’s a ghost here…

When we recently visited The Scranton Lace Co., Chris the owner, took several of us on a tour of the buildings that comprise Scranton Lace. It’s an amazing place with many rooms, passageways, bridges, etc.. to be discovered. But, one of the most interesting things Chris shared with us are the tales of a ghost that is inhabiting the buildings. Seems like the ghost has been sighted on several occasions by  different people in several different locations.

We, unfortunately, did not run into this ghost. But, we were fortunate to run into two others that appeared to me on my two visits there. One, the male, is creepy and ugly while the other is quite pleasant to the eye. The ghosts did not bother us but they seemed to follow us around and I think one came home with us.  Now, every time when I look in a mirror I see a vision of that horrible ghost. Guess that’s what happens when you bother the sleeping.

Not easy to capture, these are some of the images we were able to make. Enjoy!  And yes, I know, I probably should have posted this for Halloween!

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