Scranton Lace Co. – Eileen’s Images…

Eileen-Scranton Lace Eileen_0020

Clock Tower – Scranton Lace Co.

When I first re-connected with Eileen four years ago, after not seeing each other for over 30 years, we were going to spend a weekend in Washington DC attending my friend John and Cathy Barclay’s daughter Brittany’s wedding to John Rolph. I bought her a small pocket camera so that she could take some photos in DC and at the wedding. She really had no idea what she was doing, yes, she will readily admit it, and we got a few laughs over her first images. (I didn’t know that the Washington Memorial was leaning more that the Tower of Pisa). But she quickly got the hang of it and I gave her my Canon Rebel to use.

What we both discovered is that she really has a terrific eye, something I am very envious of. So, I’d like to share some of her images from our visit to The Scranton Lace Co. earlier this year.

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