Scranton Lace Co:- Part 2…

The Clock Tower...

The Clock Tower! It is a city landmark…

It appeared that the Scranton Lace Factory took good care of it’s employees. The facility featured a theatre, bowling alley, gymnasium, infirmary, and a kitchen. clock tower (that is a city landmark).

The Bowling Alley

3-Bowling Alley B 3-Bowling Alley A

The Kitchen


The Gymnasium

8-the gym


8 thoughts on “Scranton Lace Co:- Part 2…

    • Hey there, Hope all is well with you guys. If you look at the ‘header’ on the blog…I do believe the photographer on the left is YOU! Am I right? e

      On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 1:57 PM, Decrepitude and Other Beautiful

      • I’m good. Didn’t know I’d be so busy in retirement. Still would like you guys to visit. Maybe in October when it’s not so dang hot & humid?
        ps: Could be me in the header. If it is I’m going on a diet : )

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