Haifa: The port city in northern Israel…

9-haifa two-tone

This will be the last blog I post from Israel as we return shortly to the states. We recently visited the city of Haifa.

Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel, and the third-largest city in the country, with a population of over 268,000. Another 300,000 people live in towns directly adjacent to the city. Haifa is a mixed city: 90% are Jews, more than a quarter of whom are immigrants from the former Soviet Union, while 10% are Arabs, predominantly of the Christian religion.

Haifa is built on the slopes of Mount Carmel. The history of settlement at the site spans more than 3,000 years. Today, Haifa is a major seaport located on Israel’s Mediterranean coastline in the Bay of Haifa. It is located about 56 miles north of Tel Aviv’.  The University of Haifa and the Technion, are located in Haifa. Technion will be developing a large research center on Roosevelt Island in New York City in collaboration with Cornell University. The city is considered by some to be the Israeli equivalent of San Francisco because of its sloping steep streets, proximity to a bay and liberal atmosphere.

It is also home to the Bahá’í World Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Additionally, since the days of Bahá’u’lláh, the founder of the religion, Bahá’ís have observed a self-imposed ban on teaching their religion to the local population of Israel.

Images of our visit follow.

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9 thoughts on “Haifa: The port city in northern Israel…

  1. Nice work, Ellery! Best wishes for safe travel too.
    Your Haifa images bring back fond memories. In a prior lifetime, I did a technology assessment consulting assignment at The Technion. Great people there!

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