What Israeli’s Do On A Sunny Saturday Afternoon…

I have really been having a great time sharing with my friends some of my experiences here in Israel. From your much appreciated comments I know that many of you have been enjoying the blog. That makes me feel great.

Today I’m posting a video. It was taken at the beach in Tel Aviv not too far from the Dolphinarium. Saturday is the day when most Israeli’s throughout the country are not working and are out enjoying the beautiful weather. Israeli folk dancing happens each Saturday. I enjoy watching the dancing and hearing the music which is so unfamiliar to me. Mot-Kot is a ‘game’ that I think every Israeli has participated in at least once in their lifetime. I remember back in 1971 when my wife Donna and I visited Eileen and her husband Ami,  we used to play it all the time. Even brought a set back home.

Just want to share another experience in Israel. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “What Israeli’s Do On A Sunny Saturday Afternoon…

  1. Nice… but there are those that play that game on Brighton all the time — it is soooooo annoying to listen to that sound!

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