Purim:- Herzlia Style…Part II

It is an ancient Jewish custom to dress up in different costumes on Purim. There are several explanations as to why it is done. One explanation by a rabbi is that people dress up and wear masks on Purim, to commemorate that fact recorded in the Megila, that after the Jews got the upper hand, many of the local non-Jews dressed up as Jews in the hope of escaping punishment. Another reason stated by a Lubovitcher rabbi is “Purim reminds us that while we don’t usually see ‘sea splitting’ miracles, there is a ‘hidden hand’ directing our experiences ensuring our lives play out according to the divine plan. While our world seems to be running on its own full of random unrelated events, it is G-d who hides behind the curtain of fate directing our experiences. To celebrate that, we hide ourselves by dressing up in costumes, appearing as something else, while our true selves remain hidden underneath the masquerade.” Whatever the reason, it is “Israel’s Halloween” and it is fun.

In this blog I want to share the images of the adults and families that participated in the Purim celebration in Herzlia.

(Reminder: Please click on any image below to begin slide show.)


4 thoughts on “Purim:- Herzlia Style…Part II

    • Thanks Bob. Except for the lady who gave me the double finger…everyone was having fun. They come up to have photo taken. But, tomorrow, no pointing cameras.

      On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 7:51 PM, Decrepitude and Other Beautiful

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