The Sights and Flavors of Shuk Carmel…

Shuk Carmel (Carmel Marketplace) is located a few blocks from Tel Aviv’s beach area on the Mediterranean. From several directions you enter this “gigantic, throbbing, open-air food-plus-everything-else market” where vendors hawk everything from pistachios and guavas to sun hats and memorial candles on open tables lining the many shopping streets.  The market runs into side streets, large and small, one side favoring dry goods and the other dried beans, fruit, nuts, and spices in all colors and fragrances, sold from sacks.

Images from a recent visit are below. (Reminder; click on any image to begin slide show!)


7 thoughts on “The Sights and Flavors of Shuk Carmel…

  1. What a variety of people and food. Great shots in hard-to-photograph scenes! I strolled through your previous posts. Love ‘seeing the sites’ to somewhere I’ve never been and will probably never be able to go.

    • Funny! BTW-I looked at him and saw ME if I hadn’t cut my hair (it was easily that long) and just a tiny bit older.

      On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 2:15 AM, Decrepitude and Other Beautiful

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