Friday Afternoon in Tel Aviv…

Street Performer...

Street Performer…

There is a lot happening on a typical Friday afternoon in Tel Aviv. Friday, the day before the Jewish sabbath, many people in Israel do not work or work a half-day, schools have early dismissal and people take advantage of the beautiful weather to do outdoor activities. Ben Yehuda Street becomes a pedestrian mall where local artists set-up and sell their wares. Nearby, at the Carmel Market (Shuk Carmel), people are out to buy food for the Shabbat dinner.

At the corner where the Shuk and Ben Yehuda Street meet there is always a buzz of activity with street performers attracting large crowds next to a group of Hassidic men asking for men to stop and put on tefillin. I want to share my images and video to share with you the many different kinds of people that make Tel Aviv an exciting, vibrant city

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3 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon in Tel Aviv…

  1. I think you meant Nahalat Benyamin and not Ben Yehuda St. But you’re right, it is a lively place to be on Friday afternoon!!

    • Thanks Bob. I think the San Miguel and Cuba trips made me more aware of shooting these type of images. Also wanted to provide a glimpse of the Israeli people. I’m still amazed as I travel across the country.

      On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 9:02 PM, Decrepitude and Other Beautiful

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