Port Tel Aviv – Saturday is for Friends and Families…

Blonde Beauty...

Blonde Beauty…

After three years of living here in Israel (during the winter months), I still get thrown off by the weekly calendar. In Israel, many businesses close on Friday or stay open until mid-afternoon. On Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, the country basically closes down. Shops, banks, post office, etc. are all closed. Most restaurants remain closed and some reopen when the Sabbath is over.  Sunday begins the workweek.

One of the many things I like about this country is that almost everything revolves around the family. Religious or not, many families gather together on Friday nights for Shabbat dinner. Saturday is family day here. With the weather usually very nice, Israeli families take to the parks, hiking trails, beaches and Port Tel Aviv.

This Port Tel Aviv area, as I mentioned in a previous post, was re-built not that long ago by the city of Tel Aviv, and is flush with restaurants, cafes, and shops of all kinds. On Saturdays the boardwalk is jammed packed with families celebrating the day off together. Most stores/restaurant remain open.

This short video below shows a small part  of the port area, and I think gives you a good idea of what it was like for us last Saturday. Mid-day lighting made it difficult to video so please excuse.

A ‘Winter’ Saturday in Port Tel Aviv…

The images below are of some of the people we ran into that day. (Reminder: Click on any image to begin slide show!)

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