The Eretz Israel Museum…

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Eileen and I recently visited the ‘Israeli and World Press Photo Exhibition’ at The Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. This is said to be “the largest and most important exhibition of its kind comprises a selection of the World Press Photo competition and the best of local photojournalism Dozens of photographers from Israel and abroad are participating in both exhibits, presenting a sequence of events in selected pictures from the past year on topics related to war and peace, politics and society, culture and art, nature and the environment, sports, portraits, multimedia presentations, etc.”

2- museum photos with woman b

The quality of the work was outstanding. The images very moving. It was quite an impressive exhibit.

1- museum photos

The Eretz Israel Museum was established in 1953. It has a large display of archaeological, anthropological and historical artifacts organized in a series of exhibition pavilions on its grounds. Each pavilion is dedicated to a different subject: glassware, ceramics, coins, copper and more. The museum also has a planetarium. Of course there were lots of image making opportunities at the museum.

6- ceramic pots

4- museum photos  2

3- museum photos  1

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    • I learned from the masters… And that may be the nicest thing you’ve said about my photography…

      I’m about to cry [?]

      On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 10:09 PM, Decrepitude and Other Beautiful

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