Port Tel Aviv (Namal Tel Aviv):- The Fisherman and His Cats…


Port Tel Aviv, Israel…

It’s been real nice and relaxing since we arrived two weeks ago. We’ve been taking advantage of the fine weather we’ve been having and try to head to a beach as often as we can.

One of the nicest places to visit in Tel Aviv is the port of Tel Aviv – or Namal Tel Aviv as it’s known in Hebrew. Located on the Mediterranean, the port is not technically a beach, although there are areas to swim, surf and relax. Port Tel Aviv is actually not so old when compared with some of the ancient treasures in the Holy Land – the port was founded in the mid 1930s, and quickly became the country’s biggest working port. Because of the advent of container shipping the port fell into dereliction but Tel Aviv has over the last few years transformed this area into a place with many restaurants,  shopping and entertainment options.

Last Thursday Eileen and I headed to the port for lunch at one of the outside restaurants located on the boardwalk. This also gives us an opportunity to relax, take in the beautiful Mediterranean and to ‘people watch’. One of these ‘people’ that caught our eye was this old fisherman who was casting his line from the boardwalk, which is quite common here, but what made him stand out is that many cats were standing near him watching.

The Fisherman and his Cats...

The Fisherman and his Cats…

So why were the cats hanging around this guy? Obvious isn’t it? After he’d catch a fish he’d take it off the line and give it to one of his cats.




A man after my own heart!

More to come! Eileen and I wish all of our friends a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!