What A Difference A Day Makes:- Sharon National Park…

1-Beach to Natanya...

It’s amazing how totally different yesterday’s weather was as compared to today’s. Today it was warm and sunny. The sea was much calmer and the surfers were having a hard time catching a good wave to ride in.

4 - Mediterranean

Eileen and I decided to head to the beach  since the weather was being so co-operative. We drove to Sharon National Park which is located a little north of Herzlia, about half-way between Herzlia and Natanya. The park is quite big and overlooks the Mediterranean from the 300′ sandstone cliffs. It is quite a spectacular view.

The park is also noted for its beautiful wild flowers which we will return to see in the early spring. The rains, of course, are a welcome help at this time of year. The video below shows the view from the park, first heading north, with Natanya seen in the distance, and then spans south towards Herzlia.

The beautiful woman in the video is my wife Eileen. She somehow keeps following me around, or maybe, to be perfectly honest, here I follow her!