Long Beach, NY:- A city hit hard by Sandy…

Long Beach, is a small incorporated city located about 6 miles south of Rockville Centre. Eileen and I go there often to walk on the boardwalk which is about 2.1 miles in length.  Long Beach is known for its great beaches, restaurants, shopping, and for being a great place to live. Well, anyways, that was before Superstorm Sandy.

Long Beach, along with Island Park (the town just to it’s north), were particularly hit hard. Residents only recently received electricity and many of the homes remain uninhabitable. On the day after Sandy struck, Eileen and I decided to check out our neighborhood in Rockville Centre, and were surprised to find that the downtown area had electricity (we lost power for three days). We ‘wandered’ into a local establishment, ‘McArthur Park’, which was crowded with Sandy survivors from RVC, Long Beach, Oceanside, and Island Park, all areas hit hard by the storm.

In McArthur Park, we ran into friends who had moved to Long Beach from RVC as a place to settle down after the children had left and a place to retire to.  Unfortunately for them at this time they had no place to go as their apartments and houses were destroyed by the storm. Actually, Long Beach, which is located on the Long Beach Barrier Island, was closed to everyone except for those working to help in the clean up process. Even residents were not allowed access. We offered our house to them but they had already found places with relatives to stay with until they were allowed back on the island.

We recently returned to McArthur Park, and was surprised to find that there were still people with no homes to go to, as they wait for FEMA to decide on what to do with their property.  What surprised me the most was the positive attitude they all had. They never, never complained, they just looked ahead to the day when they could return home and begin the process of rebuilding their lives. Our thoughts and prayers go with them and all who Sandy has affected.

The images below were taken a couple of days after they allowed public access to Long Beach.

(Reminder: Click on one image to begin slideshow!):

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