The Aftermath:- Red, White & Blue…

If you’ve been following my recent posts you’ve become aware of how Sandy has affected towns and cities near where we live. The Rockaway Peninsula has been hit particularly hard. When we visited   last weekend, Eileen noticed something that I had not picked up. She was quite surprised that with all the turmoil and destruction around us, the one thing that stands out in all the rubble is the American flag. Seems like before anything else got done, the citizens of the Rockaways declared their love of country and the support the American people have shown them. G-d Bless America and G-d Bless the people who have and are continuing to suffer.

Here are a few images from that trip. (Reminder: Click on one image to begin the slideshow).

2 thoughts on “The Aftermath:- Red, White & Blue…

  1. I remember Eileen commenting about all the flags when we were there – the selective color really makes them stand out. Well played!

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