Watts Campbell Engine Co., Newark, NJ:- The Color Images…

When I go to places to shoot like Watts Campbell Steam Engine Co.or the Silk Mill I usually find myself automatically thinking about shooting Black & White images. In my last post you can see that these can be quite interesting and dramatic. But, when I was processing the images from Watts Campbell, and the more   I fooled around with the color images, the more I was drawn to them. Very surprising indeed!

What I found myself liking the most was when I ‘over-processed’ the images in HDR Efex Pro and in Topaz Adjust 5.  I know my friend John Barclay is probably screaming at his monitor as he reads this and looks at the images, but for me the high structure and details in many of these images blew me away. Would love to know what you think!

(Reminder, just click on one image to begin the slideshow!)