Old Glory 1…

Seize The Day, Snoqualmie, Wa..

Last Thursday Eileen and I attended a bbq to say good-bye once again to our friend Jason Sanchez who is returning to complete his first tour of duty in Afghanistan. On Saturday, our Village of Rockville Centre shut down for several hours for the funeral of Marine Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr., the Oceanside 21 year-old who was killed in Afghanistan by a ‘friendly’ Afghan he was training. There is little we can do except support these great Americans as they sacrifice to help keep our country safe for us and future generations.

Towards that end I am posting this blog ‘Old Glory 1’, the first in a series, to recognize and honor our servicemen serving to protect all that is good for our great country. I would hope that all who read this blog will choose to share it with their friends and family to show your support of our servicemen serving throughout the world.

(Reminder: Click on one image to begin the slide show!)-


One thought on “Old Glory 1…

  1. Including the Coney Is shot was a nice touch. It symbolizes that soldiers are human and have a softer side too.
    Beautiful tribute!

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