Tel Aviv in B&W: 2012…

Tel Aviv Art Museum...

Well we’re back home in the States and have begun to settle in. I  have finally gotten a chance to work on my images from Israel and also from Cuba. Part of the problem that I was experiencing  was that my portable external drive ‘froze’ and most of my images are stored on it although some that were ‘backed up’ were saved. Anyways, my friend Brian was able to find the files and is working on restoring them. For that I owe him a big thanks (and probably dinner as well).

Tel Aviv is a terrific city in many ways. As I’ve shared with you in the past, the Bauhaus architecture dominated the city for years (making it a World Heritage Site) but now the city is expanding and the architecture is changing as more and more hi-rise apartment and office buildings dominate the skyline. What I found in ‘shooting’ the buildings in Tel Aviv is that they lend themselves to being shot and processed in black & white. Here are a few of the images from a couple of visits to the city.

Reminder: Click on any image to begin the slideshow…


11 thoughts on “Tel Aviv in B&W: 2012…

  1. Love these images, E Dude! Black and white architecture is one of my faves. Going to send you a link to a friend I know that does B-W. You win a prize if you can figure out how he does them. 🙂

  2. Great work, Ellery! You seem to have fabulous vision for complex geometric situations. These are definitely good enough that you should inquire whether the Tel Aviv Museum might be interested in selling prints.

    • Thanks so much Jack. I really appreciate your comments both good and constructive. Helps me on my photographic journey. I laughed out loud at your suggestion but who knows, stranger things have happened.

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