The Easter Parade 2012, Fifth Avenue, NYC…

Eileen and I returned on Friday and are beginning to settle in. Took time on Sunday to go to The Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue.  About 10 blocks were closed to traffic and the ‘bonnet’ wearers were out in force. It was sort of like a combination Mermaid/Halloween/Gay Pride parades with genders often difficult to determine. It was a lot of fun to shoot there. The subjects were more than pleased to pose for you and everyone was in good spirits.

Here are some images from the parade. There was so much to shoot, and we were only there for about 1.5 hours, that I had a difficult time deciding which images to include in the blog. So, I included most of them. I hope it gives you a new look at the Easter Parade.

Reminder: Click on one of the images below to start the slideshow…

9 thoughts on “The Easter Parade 2012, Fifth Avenue, NYC…

  1. Fun!!! Great shots Ellery, love the hats, costumes and happy expressions on everyone’s face, wonderful! And you back! Cool! Shelley and I head for Italy in 2 weeks but we’ll have to get together sometime when we get back.

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