Eileen & Ellery’s Fabulous Adventures in Israel #9: Hotel Cinema, Tel Aviv…

Hotel Cinema, Tel Aviv...

Eileen and I recently went to Tel Aviv to visit (and shoot, of course) in the Old Cemetery on Trumpeldor Street (founded in 1902), but that’s another blog I guess. We parked the car and headed off to find the cemetery. Along the way we had to walk through Dizengoff Circle which is a bustling area of shops, residences and to my great surprise The Hotel Cinema.

The architecture of Israel is composed of many different styles of building brought in by those who have occupied the country over the ages, and are sometimes modified to suit the local climate and landscape. Fortified Crusader castles, Islamic madrassas, Byzantine churches, Templer houses, Bauhaus-style modernist buildings (found not only in Tel Aviv but in many other cities, including Herzlya where we live), Arab arches and minarets, Russian Orthodox onion domes, and soaring glass-sided skyscrapers – all are part of the architecture of Israel.

The Cinema Hotel, built in 1939, is constructed in an original Bauhaus style building – The Ester Cinema – one of the first movie theaters in Tel Aviv. The building was recently restored and renovated to become a boutique hotel, whatever that is. Inside, I later found out, are some of the original projectors, movie posters and theater chairs scattered around. Guess that gives us another reason to return to the hotel.

I was immediately attracted to this  rounded stone building because of its sleek lines, elegance and the fact that it is in the Bauhaus style of architecture.  Tel Aviv, in fact, in 2004 was named to the list of World Heritage Sites by the UN due to its abundance of Bauhaus architecture. The difficulty in shooting this building is the fact that there are numerous trees on the street blocking most of it, so tree-free sight lines were limited. I figured I’d take a couple of images and then post on a blog about architecture in Tel Aviv.

But, when I got home and processed my images, I was in for a big surprise as these lines jumped out at me in a way I had not foreseen. So, here are a few of the images I came up with. They are all taken from the one image above and ‘slightly’ enhanced with Topaz BW Effects. I had thought about cleaning up the images a bit to get rid of the cracks and lines that show up in the white areas. But, I thought they enhanced them, giving them respect like the lines on an old persons face.

Reminder: Click on one of the images below to start slide-show…


7 thoughts on “Eileen & Ellery’s Fabulous Adventures in Israel #9: Hotel Cinema, Tel Aviv…

  1. An amazing place, know you were excited when you saw it, love all the patterns and lines, great stuff Ellery.

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