Ellery & Eileen’s Fabulous Adventures in Israel #2: The Shuk Ramla…

Eileen 'hondling' in Shuk Ramla...

Eileen and I were looking for a place to visit that was near where we live in Herzlia. We decided to visit Ramla a city in Israel that Eileen had never visited. Ramla is located southeast of Tel Aviv. The majority of the town are Jews. Muslim and Christian Arabs are large minority groups. We figured we’d spend a couple of hours visiting some of the religious buildings and shrines and have lunch in a local Arab restaurant. We parked our car and discovered that we were a block away from Shuk¬† Ramla. A shuk is the Arab word for marketplace and is used throughout the Middle East.

For me the shuks are one of my favorite places to visit. We’ve visited shuks in Tel Aviv (Shuk Carmel), Yaffo (Jaffa), Jerusalem (Mahane Yehuda and in the Old City), and now Shuk Ramla.¬† For photographers many opportunities abound. (Doesn’t that sound like I’ve been reading too many travel blogs?) The people are easier to photograph as they often willingly will pose for a photo. It’s also fun to grab that quick shot before anyone knows you’re shooting them. The stands are full of produce, pastries, breads and anything else you can think of and might need to shoot and/or buy.

As it turned out we never made it to the religious sites we originally intended on visiting. Instead, we spent the afternoon in Shuk Ramla and then went for a wonderful lunch at an Arab restaurant someone in the shuk highly recommended. It was worth it!

Below are some of my images from our visit to Shuk Ramla.

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