Eileen & Ellery’s Fabulous Israel Adventures #1 – We Visit The Kotel in The Old City, Jerusalem…

The Kotel (The Western Wall, The Wailing Wall)…

Yesterday, Eileen and I visited The Kotel. I have always found visiting The Wall to be an extremely spiritual experience and I am not a spiritual person for sure. We learned the following while visiting the Wall:

Jewish tradition teaches that the Temple Mount is the focal point of creation. In the center of the mountain lies the “Foundation Stone” of the world. Here Adam came into being. Here Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob served G-d. The First and Second Temples were built upon this mountain. The Ark of the Covenant was set upon the Foundation Stone itself. Jerusalem was chosen by G-d as the dwelling place of the Shechinah (the dwelling or settling of the divine presence of G-d, especially in the Temple in Jerusalem) David longed to build the Temple, and Solomon his son built the First temple about 3,000 years ago. It was destroyed by the Nevuchadnezzar of Babylon. The Second Temple was rebuilt on its ruins seventy years later. It was razed by the Roman legions over 1900 years ago. The present Western Wall is a remnant of the western Temple Mount retaining walls. Jews have prayed in its shadow for hundreds of years, an expression of their faith in the rebuilding of the Temple. The Sages said about it: “The Divine Presence never moves from the Western Wall.” The Temple Mount continues to be the focus of prayer for Jews from all over the world.

The following video gives the viewer an inside look at the Kotel. I hope that you enjoy watching it.

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