CUBA: An Introduction…

Well we’re back from 10 great days in Cuba. It was probably one of, if not the best place I’ve visited, not only for its visual imagery but for its people, music and excitement 24/7.  While I’ll be processing the blog images for future postings I thought that this little video would give an excellent introduction of what life is like in Old Havana.

The voice you heard in the beginning of the video is that of my friend Joe who along with Chris and Scott were on this stroll in a quest for a local brewpub and Cuban music. While rum is the drink of choice in Cuba, the beers at this brewpub were excellent and well worth the walk.

Stay tuned for more blogs, images and videos from this interesting, exciting island.


4 thoughts on “CUBA: An Introduction…

  1. Wow, pretty wild Ellery, thanks for posting! This will definitely help to provide context for what is to come, great idea to start with it. Glad you had a great time and got back safely, can’t wait to see your images!

  2. Ellery, love the video. More please!!!!

    Cuba has been on my list for a long time. So happy you are posting this blog! I’ll be back to see your images!

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