San Miguel de Allende: The People

The People…

San Miguel de Allende is a photographers paradise. From the wonderful rich colors of the buildings to the people who can be found all over this little town, there is much to shoot. Today I focus on the people of San Miguel.

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


8 thoughts on “San Miguel de Allende: The People

  1. Great entry Ellery, really like this. All those colorful textured walls and door ways make a great backdrop for the wonderful faces, very well seen and quite beautiful.

  2. I agree with Dan–especially beautiful and moving, maybe because of the
    juxtaposition of people in obviously humble circumstances–yet so dignified– with the bright colored backdrop.

  3. My dear son-in-law…I am getting tired of telling you how great your photography is, so let it be known that I think you are the greatest photographer I have ever known or ever will know.

    Stormin’ Norman

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