San Miguel de Allende: The Children

As many of you might know I recently went on a ‘Photography Tour’ of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. I had always wanted to go to this special town and when John Barclay and Dan Sniffin said they’d be returning and leading a tour including the Day of the Dead, I was there!

I was particularly excited about shooting the Day of the Dead celebrations, the Catrinas, the Day of the Dead altars, the churches, as well as the colors and antiquities of San Miguel. However, once there, the subjects that I found to be the most interesting to shoot were the children. These kids were beautiful (see above), friendly, photogenic and often made me laugh! I know that the other photographers who were shooting with me felt the same.

So, when thinking about which blog to post first,  it was a ‘no brainer‘.  Here are some of the kids we shot. As I look back at each image, it still brings a smile to my face recalling the fun times we had shooting them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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