PEEC – The Workshop Weekend…Sunday

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake…

Once again we boarded the school bus, this time at a really ungodly hour, to go to Hidden Lake. I know that this is one of JB’s favorite places to shoot. Colors were beautiful and the lake was pristine.

Hidden Lake 1

Hidden Lake 2

Hidden Lake 3

Reflections and Camera Swipes…

Shooting at the lakes allowed for trying to capture some really nice reflections. Here are a few that I found.

Reflection 1 - Pickerel Pond

Reflection 2 - Hidden Lake

Reflection 3 - Hidden Lake

Reflection 4 - ???

Camera swiping is a technique where the photographer moves the camera while taking the photograph. It usually takes me about 10-12 images of swiping before I find one that is worth processing. Here are a couple of swipes from the weekend.

Swipe 1 - White Birch outside PEEC

Birch along the lake...

The workshop ends…

After shooting at Hidden Lake we returned to PEEC to clean out our cabins and meet with JB to go over some processing techniques. Since I’ve seen this presentation numerous times, and as JB likes to say to me,  “Dopey, you can recite this by heart…” I decided to head home with the thought of stopping to shoot along the way.

Joe Farrell, one of the participants, suggested I check out the Milford Cemetery. Cemeteries are often a great place to shoot so off I went. This cemetery is quite old and serves the Milford community offering burial plots for people of all religions.

Milford Cemetery 1

Milford Cemetery 2

Red Barns and white fences are often an attraction for photographers. The fence often presents leading lines that enhance the image. I noticed this one along the way home, so I stopped to shoot it.

Red Barn with White Fence...

I’m off to San Miguel de Allende with JB and Dan Sniffin on one of their workshops. This time I’m a participant and eagerly look forward to a week of shooting in this wonderfully beautiful town. And, better yet, we will be there for the Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead!

I can’t wait!!! Posts to follow.


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