PEEC – The Workshop Weekend…Saturday!

Hidden Lake

The Workshop Begins…

Friday night and all of the workshop attendees have arrived. We met for an orientation and a show of images that JB presented. Things went well and we planned for an early wake-up so we can shoot the two lakes across the road from PEEC.

Workshop Participants...but not the goofy guy in the hat! That's Barclay.

PEEC Pond and Pickerel Lake…

We awoke at some ungodly hour to shoot PEEC Pond and Pickerel Lake.  Both are located across the road from the main PEEC campus with Pickerel about a 10 minute walk thru the woods to reach it. JB assigned me to the Pickerel group and off we went. Sunrise came about 20 minutes after we reached the Lake. Colors were good and there was a lot to shoot. After my group finished shooting Pickerel, we headed over to the Pond to complete our early morning shoot.

PEEC Pond in color...

PEEC Pond in B&W...

Zimmerman Farm…

Zimmerman Farm is an old abandoned farm located near PEEC. It appears that the state (Pennsylvania) has taken control of the property but allows people to visit and shoot there. There are several buildings, some closed (Yeah Right!!!), that we could shoot. For someone like me, who loves to shoot in this type of environment, it was heaven. Also gave me time to review and work with some of the people on HDR imagery.

Zimmerman Farm - 1

Zimmerman Farm 2 - Washing Machine

Zimmerman Farm - 3...The Gas Pump

The Waterfalls…

After lunch we all loaded into the school bus that was going to take us to Buttermilk Falls. But, as we approached Dingman’s Bridge to cross over to New Jersey we noticed for the first time that no buses were allowed on the bridge (I told you that Dingman’s Bridge would come into play again).

JB decided that we would head to Shohola Falls as an alternative. When we were there the day before, workers were opening the dam to the falls and the water was flowing at an incredible pace. We thought that it might not be good for shooting, but boy were we wrong. The falls allowed for some interesting shooting and I think all enjoyed this site.

Shohola Falls 1

Shohola Falls 2

Shohola Falls 3

Shohola Falls 4

John, will you please talk to these people about getting in the way!

After Shohola we headed back to PEEC to relax for a bit, eat dinner and then have a critique session of images that each participant brought with them. From the looks of what we saw that night, there are some awesome photographers in the group.


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