PEEC Photography Workshop…A Fall Foliage Tour and Then Some…Days 1-2

PEEC Weekend with John Barclay…

I recently had the privilege of assisting John Barclay on his PEEC  Photography Workshop. PEEC is the Poconos Environmental Educational Center located in the Delaware Water Gap/Dingman’s Ferry area in Pennsylvania. The workshop offered the participants a weekend to shoot the spectacular colors, waterfalls and other interesting images found in this area.

Preparing for the weekend…a scouting trip…

JB likes to scout the surrounding areas whenever he runs a workshop. He is always looking for new places to bring the participants to shoot. This year, Childs State Park, a wonderful area with several waterfalls was closed. This is an area that  JB always goes to with the group and I can say from previous visits it’s great!  So we went  looking for new waterfalls to shoot.

  • JB suggested that we take a look at Buttermilk Falls which is on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River. To get there we had to cross Dingman’s Bridge (this is important, really).  Buttermilk Falls is a single falls which offered some nice opportunities for shooting. There is also a path/stairway that goes to the top of the falls.

Buttermilk Falls

A stream and forest area are also nearby.

The Stream...

  • It’s interesting where you can find a good place to shoot. We were driving along one of the typical two lane roads found in rural areas when JB noticed a patch of color behind a car wash and an auto repair shop.

Behind the Car Wash...

  • One of the assistants at PEEC suggested that we check out an old farm/watermill that has been sitting quietly, practically unnoticed, waiting for us to come and visit. I was disappointed at what we found as far as the structures were concerned, but there was this Rover 2000 sitting  in the fallen leaves screaming “take my picture”. So we did!

Rover 2000

There were a few more places that we checked out, like the local Chinese restaurants, and we then packed it in waiting for the workshop attendees to show up.

To Be Continued…


5 thoughts on “PEEC Photography Workshop…A Fall Foliage Tour and Then Some…Days 1-2

  1. I agree with John! The lights & darks in the first image are so beautiful. I think
    it’s hard to get that kind of scene to look so special.

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