The Palouse: The Grain Elevators…

Red truck outside grain silos...

Grain Elevators and Storage Buildings…

While traveling through the Palouse, it is always nice to shoot the beautiful contours, shapes and colors. In addition I like to include barns and old homesteads in the images and will be seen in follow-up blog postings. Another group of images that I find quite interesting are the Grain Elevators and Storage Buildings.

Grain elevators are in abundance in this region and are a very important part of the economy and lifestyle of the grain growers in the Palouse. These large structures can be seen in the countryside as well as in many of the towns. They are typically very large and many times fill the sky as you come upon them. They can be made of various materials but the most of them are made of concrete or steel. Each one seems to have a character of its own and is definitely an addition to the landscape or the overall look of small town.

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6 thoughts on “The Palouse: The Grain Elevators…

  1. great work. love the handcolored truck in front of the silo’s. just enough coloration to make an impact without appearing overdone. The train tracks, especially the one with the shack in the middle are real quality.


    • Thanks George. I like the B&W images the best. These silos and buildings and their lines work well in B&W. My friend Joe and I discovered the train tracks while exploring one day. Couldn’t get inside the buildings though.

  2. Ellery–You present old structures in a whole new light by turning your
    camera on them and capturing them in your own way. I enjoy all your blogs so much.

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