Shaniko, Oregon: A living ghost town…

Last year, I attended two workshops led by two wonderful photographers John Barclay and Dan Sniffin. (JB paid me to say that, Dan IS a wonderful photographer).  We started in the Palouse area of  Washington and finished the second workshop along the beautiful coast of Oregon. In between the two workshops, Joe Farrell and I worked our way to Bandon, Or., stopping to shoot waterfalls along the Colombia River and then, when we accidentally stopped for gas in Shaniko, Or.,  we discovered this  ghost town with some great images to shoot (at least we thought so).

I will post more images from Shaniko as time allows me but I started working on one image that I found intriguing and pleasing to the eye. I came up with three variations of the scene and was hoping for some feedback (positive and negative).

Fire truck...B&W with color...

Fire truck in color...

Fire truck in B&W

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated!



2 thoughts on “Shaniko, Oregon: A living ghost town…

  1. Cool images Ellery, look forward to more. I think I prefer this in B&W, like both styles but I guess the colored one best. Is it possible to post higher resolution images? The size of those posted doesn’t really provide a good look considering the distant crop.

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