The Last One Standing: The Klotz Throwing Factory…(aka The Lonaconing Silk Mill)…

One of the only spools left in the mill

I recently had the opportunity to join a group of photographers to shoot this Silk Mill. It was a great place to shoot and I look forward to returning again…and again…and maybe again.

Some 'dopey' photographer kept getting in the way.

The Lonaconing Silk Mill also known as the Klotz Throwing Factory, is the only remaining totally intact silk mill in the nation.  Built with money raised by the townspeople themselves in 1906 and officially opened in 1907.

Work station in basement of the mill

Inside of the three-story structure, long rows of heavy, old-fashioned, belt-driven machinery made from high temperature steel,

rows of machinery

symmetrical rows of wooden creels

Creels holding spent bobbins

and over a million bobbins remain.

empty bobbins (reels)

Empty reels (bobbins) sit in rows all over the mill

Antique fire pails hang from hooks above the factory floor.

Fire of many hanging in the mill

The mill was closed in 1957 after the remaining workers went out on strike and the doors closed behind them for the last time. Personal items remain from employees who couldn’t get back into the building after its doors were locked.

Cubby's with personal items left behind

Items left behind.

Personal items including two tobacco pouches were left behind

Herb Crawford is the current owner of the property. He recently opened it up for photographers and others interested in the history of the mill and the surrounding area.

Here are a few of my other images from that day.

Oil for the looms



Thanks Herb. We had a great time shooting here. I look forward to returning.