We visit the North Fork of Long Island

Eileen and I recently went out to the North Fork of Long Island. We were accompanied by three of our photo-friends who were looking for a place to find white birch trees that they could shoot. I knew of a stand of trees on the North Fork that I had previously shot (see below) so off we went.

Birch Trees

Orient Point…

We began our day’s journey by heading out to Orient Point, the furthest point east on the  north fork (Montauk is the furthest on the south fork).  There is a ‘private’ road that leads out to the very tip of the fork and we headed there. This area is under control of Homeland Security, and an HS officer did approach me and asked what we were doing, but, when he saw that we were a group of ‘aging’ photographers, he had no problem allowing us to walk around and do some shooting on the beach.

The beach at Orient Point

Orient Point Light…

This small ‘bug’ lighthouse is located less than one mile from the tip of the North Fork. It was built in 1899 and was fully automated in 1959. The lighthouse is still functioning and helps guide the ferry from Orient Pt. to New London, Ct. as well as all the fishing and pleasure boats that circle the point.

Eileen and the 'bug'.

Heading West…

After completing our shoot at Orient Point, we headed west on Main Road to look for the birches.  Along the way we passed a small fishing/boathouse on Gardiners’ Bay. This boathouse has been the subject of many images of mine in the past…

Fishing Cabin on Gardiner's Bay

and the present…

Fishing Cabin in HDR

The Vineyards…

The North Fork of Long Island is the home of over 30 vineyards. Wine making has become a major tourist attraction with buses, limos and vans streaming in and out of the vineyard parking lots. We did not get the chance to stop at a vineyard this time but here are a few images from past visits.


Wine Cellar

Winter, the vines are bare...

The grapes are ripening. Shinn Estate Vineyard is the only organic vineyard on the North Fork...

My very first HDR image...

White Birches…

Located down a dirt road, the stand of white birch cannot be seen from the Main Road, but, if you know where you are going, there is plenty to shoot.

White Birch #2

White Birch Trees, Orient, NY


Plenty to shoot…

Anywhere you go on the North Fork you can find a suitable subject to shoot. Here are some of my favorite images taken on the North Fork over the years.

Horse at pasture

Horton Point Lighthouse

Red Barn on Main Road

Tree with red flowers

Sign on barn

July 4th...


8 thoughts on “We visit the North Fork of Long Island

  1. Hi Ellery,

    Great images. I recognize several of those spots on the North Fork from my yearly visits there to Gary’s place in Mattituck. In particular, the red barn is only a few miles from his place. Hopefully, this year, we can hook up when we’re up there in August. Nice work.

  2. e&E–I really enjoyed this blog–my brother-in-law’s house abuts the Horton Point
    Lighthouse park so I’m somewhat familiar with the area.
    It was fun to see you last week; I hope we’ll do some shooting together in the summer.

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