A Short Story About a Hat…

The Hat

There once was a hat. It was a woolen bunny hat with earflaps and a large pompom on the top of it. The Hat was a world traveler because it belonged to a photographer named John Barclay.

John Barclay and The Hat

John really loved The Hat and took it with him wherever he went. He took it on his workshop in the Palouse.

The Hat in the Palouse...where's John

Rumor has it that John was not very careful about watching his hat, and one day The Hat disappeared from the SUV belonging to Dan Sniffen. We heard that this might have happened in Oregon.

The Hat was not seen for a while until one day it appeared in the Gay Pride Parade in Seattle, Washington.

The Hat marches in the Gay Pride Parade

Of course, since The Hat was already in Seattle, it decided to pay a visit to the Experience Music Project, a building designed by Frank Ghery who was a favorite of John Barclay. We guess The Hat accompanied Barclay when he shot the Ghery buildings in LA and Boston so he felt comfortable there.

The Hat resting on top of a portion of the Experience Music Project building

Since The Hat was in Washington, and didn’t know if it would ever return, it decided to do some sightseeing. The Hat went to Mt. Rainier and it was so cold it could have come in handy for someone there.

The Hat even went hiking looking for warerfalls.

The Hat at a waterfall

By now, The Hat was getting hungry so it decided to go to Vancouver, Canada to see if there was something to eat. The Hat took the ferry to get there…

The Hat on the ferry to Vancouver, Canada

…and lo and behold it found it’s favorite food…donuts.

Tim Horton's a favorite of The Hat

By this time The Hat was getting lonely. It missed human contact. Luckily for him kind strangers were able to take care of him…

A kind stranger rescued the hat from falling off of the Ghery Building


A kind stranger saved The Hat from being blown overboard on the Vancouver ferry

Nobody knows where The Hat is today. Rumor has it that it was in New England or it may possibly still be in Washington. Hopefully one day the hat will come home to his dopey photographer friend, John Barclay.