Ein Kerem: The birthplace of St. John the Baptist…

Ein Kerem…

Ein Kerem is an ancient village which is now a neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem. According to Christian tradition, John The Baptist was born here. This led to the establishment of many churches and monasteries. It attracts over 1,000,000 people on pilgrimages each year.

Nuns on pilgrimage outside the Church of St. John the Baptist.

Nuns entering the Church of the Visitation

The Curch of St. John the Baptist…

Church of St. John the Baptist

There are two churches by this name in Ein Kerem. The Catholic church has been under the guidance  of the Franciscans since 1674.   Inside are the remains of an ancient mosaic floor and a cave where, according to Christian tradition, John the Baptist was born. Unfortunately it was not open when we were there.

The Church of the Visitation…

Another ancient church at Ein Kerem is located across the village. The site also attributed to John the Baptist’s parental summer house, where Mary visited them. The modern church was built in 1955  on top of ancient church remnants.

The Church of the Visitation


6 thoughts on “Ein Kerem: The birthplace of St. John the Baptist…

  1. It’s been wonderful following you two around Israel, and as a fellow photographer I appreciate all the work you’ve put into sharing what you’ve seen. Eileen, great work, too–you’ve got an eye, all right! Love, Judy

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