The Sea of Galilee (The Kinneret):- Part II…

Safed (Tsvat/Zvat)…

This ancient city is the highest city in Israel, and commands a breathtaking view of the  Galilee in the winter with its green mountains and the white snow-capped peak of Mt. Hermon. Unfortunately for us the day we visited Safed it was very foggy and the distant views were limited.  But, it gave us an opportunity to make some interesting images within the city’s quarters.

Safed is a picturesque city of spiritual people and artists, wrapped in mysticism and mystery, and steeped in sacred atmosphere. Visitors to Safed sense the city’s warm embrace as they wander through its alleyways past charming stone houses with their artists’ studios and workshops.*

Safed is one of the four holy cities in Israel. It has been a spiritual center since the 1600s when it was the center of Kabbala (Jewish mysticism). The Kabbalist mystics lived, studied, taught, and wrote in the city and many of the graves are objects of veneration.

The ancient picturesque alleyways of the Jewish quarter contain hidden niches and beautiful synagogues whose rich past eminates from the high ceilings, colorful decorations, and ancient Torah scrolls.

The artists’ quarter is located in what was previously the Arab quarter of Safed.  Artists reside and work in their studios in the ancient and magnificent houses, and their paintings and artifacts fill the display windows and can be viewed while walking through the narrow alleyways.

Parking is very difficult in Israel in general, but it is even more difficult in areas visited by tourists. Our quandary for today was where to park.


7 thoughts on “The Sea of Galilee (The Kinneret):- Part II…

  1. Loved these pics. Eileen you are so good!
    Sefat is the one place I almost did not come back from.
    And I’ve heard that has happened in many cases….J

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